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Where To Search For Geography Dissertation Methodology Examples

To understand how to compose a geography dissertation methodology section, you should find a few good examples. By following them, you will learn how to structure this piece of writing, what important details to describe, and what wording to use while explaining your research methods and approaches. Moreover, if the paper is on a similar topic, you may use the same sources in your own assignment.

What Places to Check While Looking for a Good Dissertation Sample

You may find what you need faster if you do not limit your search, e.g. look for dissertation samples instead of methodology section samples. You may also get a few papers written on other disciplines, which will be very helpful if your geographical study is complex. Either way, the following places are recommended to look at:

  • Your course website.
  • Since the assignment is a part of your geography course, you are likely to find a few links to useful samples on the course’s webpage.

  • The university library.
  • Usually, once a dissertation is complete, its copy is stored in the library. You can either get a hard copy in the relevant section or study an online version of the paper.

  • A writing lab.
  • It’s a good idea to find the website of a college or university writing lab where dozens of examples of academic works are stored, including different sections of research papers.

  • Academic databases.
  • You can find a database that includes papers relevant to your subject area and search for a good sample that you can copy to outline your methodology section.

  • Essay writing services.
  • Usually, such services sell different kinds of papers, so you may find a piece of writing prepared by a professional writer and formatted according to academic standards.

How to Use the Example You Have Found

You should not use the first sample paper that you have found because you do not need a low-quality example. So, before you decide to use the same methodology section structure, you need to evaluate a chosen sample and customize it according to your assignment. For example, you may be required to expand a data collection part or create a research algorithm.

Either way, you need to follow your professor’s instructions. It also makes sense to get a writing manual to avoid mistakes and remember to include all the vital elements to the methodology section. However, if you see a place for improvement, do not hesitate to consult your instructor and make your work better.