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23 Excellent Ideas For A Dissertation On Human Resources

If you need to write my dissertation about human resources, then you may be pondering what ideas you can base your work on. Of course, if there is a particular topic that you have studied recently, then you may want to base your work around that. Alternatively, you may wish to look at some of the ideas below for inspiration.

  1. Is the development of technology in the 21st century reducing the importance of human resources to multinational companies?
  2. What can businesses do to ensure that they comply with best practices in relation to human resources?
  3. What does the human resources department do in a business?
  4. Should every business have a human resources department?
  5. What administrative functions normally carried out by human resources departments?
  6. How can training and development by a well-organized human resources team help to improve the efficiency of a business?
  7. A cost-benefit analysis of training and development costs for a human resources team in a particular company
  8. how important is job satisfaction in the workplace?
  9. In relation to human resources management, what can be done to increase productivity?
  10. What role does a human resources team have in relation to recruitment, and what processes should be followed in order to maximize the chances of picking the most suitable candidates, whilst weeding out any unsuitable individuals?
  11. What impact has increased labor mobility had on the way that businesses view human resources?
  12. How does the size and growth of a business impact upon its human resources planning?
  13. How important are qualifications in the modern labor market?
  14. What impact do organizational structures have on the labor market?
  15. How can effective human resources management help to inspire loyalty amongst employees?
  16. Why is it important for human resources teams, and businesses as a whole, to use appropriate terminology when referring to employees and other terms relating to human resources?
  17. What legal issues might human resource management teams face?
  18. How important is it for businesses to be fully up-to-date with the latest labor laws?
  19. What impact has the minimum wage had on human resources and the way businesses treat employees?
  20. What role do trade unions play in relation to human resources?
  21. What are the positives and negatives to society in relation to the role of trade unions play in the workplace?
  22. To what extent do trade unions play on their power for political purposes?
  23. How have health and safety laws developed over the past 50 years to help protect employees?