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What Is Dissertation Hypothesis In Proposal: A Simple Answer?

A dissertation hypothesis is a statement that predicts the theory that one has come up with while preparing to carry out a research. It begins with your hunches, guesses and questions you want to test out. It clearly states your expectation in a positive manner. It is the very first step in conducting any research. Before you get into the field to collect and analyze the information, this is usually the starting point. One is always required to come up with a dissertation hypothesis after which you will be required to go to the field gather the information and be able to test your hypothesis.

There are two main types of dissertation hypothesis. These are;

  • Alternative hypothesis- this is a hypothesis that states that there is a significance difference between two variables. It is also known as research hypothesis.
  • Null hypothesis- this states that there is no significance difference between two variables that one is trying to relate.

A dissertation hypothesis should be brief and straight to the point and therefore you do not need to beat around the bush in structuring it. It should just focus on your expectation from the research. It is an important requirement for any research proposal to be accepted for go ahead to carry out the research. One therefore needs to be keen when doing the dissertation hypothesis in a proposal so that it can stand the better chance of winning your funding agency or the government that is to support you in conducting the research.

Writing a successful dissertation hypothesis is therefore not that way easy. However, one can seek professional support from various sources. These include online help, reports, dissertations and theses that others have already done in the same field of research. When seeking for help from the internet, one should be very careful to avoid information meant for the general population. Look out for the peer reviewed journals because they contain the latest information that will be valid for your research. This will also help you to focus on what has not been done so far and if it has already been done, how it can be improved.

When developing your dissertation hypothesis, make sure that you could test the relation between the dissertation variables. If your dissertation variables are measurable, chances are that your dissertation hypothesis is testable. Also of importance identify the dependent and independent variables and the direction of the expected relationship.