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Hints For Crafting A Dissertation Title Page In The APA Format

A title page is an essential part of a dissertation. It’s the first page of a paper, so it should be formatted perfectly. There are different styles of formatting for research papers and theses. You may be asked to craft your project in the APA style, for example. This format has its unique requirements for title pages.

Tips for Creating a Dissertation Title Page in the APA Style

  1. Apply general APA requirements to your document.
  2. You should make margins on every side of a page equal to one inch and double-space your text. Use a 12 pt. Times New Roman font.

  3. Place your title.
  4. The title of your paper should be centered almost halfway down the page. All the words in your title except for articles and other little auxiliary words should start with capital letters.

  5. Place personal details.
  6. Leave several lines after the title page and center your full name. At the following line, you should include the name of your professor. Include the name of your university at the following line. On the bottom line, center the date.

  7. Create the running head.
  8. The running head is a short version of your paper’s title that should appear on every page of your document. Create a header in the top left corner of the title page. It should look like this: Running head: SAMPLE TITLE OF A DISSERTATION. On the following pages, you should include only the part that is written in all caps.

  9. Create the page number.
  10. The number of pages should appear in the top right corner. A title page should be the first page. Make sure that there are, at least, five spaces between the page number and your running head.

Keep in mind that your educational institution might have additional requirements for formatting title pages, so consult your professor on this matter before you start working.

Sources That Can Help You Format Your Paper

If you have difficulties with formatting research papers, you may ask somebody else to help you. For example, you may ask a university friend who always earns excellent grades for their own academic works to assist you. You may also approach professional writers and editors. If you cannot find good specialists in your town, you should look for them on the Internet. There are plenty of freelancers and online agencies that will format your paper correctly for a small payment. They should also be able to help you with revising and editing your dissertation.