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8 Dissertation Introduction Writing Tips To Help You Get It Right


No matter what you write or whatever speech you deliver. The introductory part is the most essential component because it lays down a strong foundation for the remaining part as it helps in setting a tone by captivating and engaging the audience to keep on reading further. No matter how great your writing is, if your introduction is weak, then people won’t read the whole essay. This is especially important when writing a dissertation because through an effective introduction you give the reader a brief idea of what to expect in your write-up. However, most people don’t know how to write a strong introduction that’s why today I will tell you about eight tips to writing an effective introduction to your dissertation.

Clear Statement:

The introduction should consist of a clear and concise statement on the research question and the purpose of your research.

Theoretical Framework:

You should review the literature on your topic and what you already know.


It is always advised to not include too many citations in your introduction as this is only a summary of things to come and including citations will only mix things up.

Strong Opening Sentence:

A strong opening sentence will grab the attention of the reader and set the tone for things to come.


I would be strong advise against including any concluding statement in your research as it will basically make the whole essay useless and no one would be keen to read the whole thing.

First thing to do:

One common mistake was made by students to write the introduction right at the end when you’ve finished writing. This should not be done and introduction should be written at the start and should be modified to accommodate new ideas as they develop.


When you’re ending your introduction, you should leave an outline to tell how the rest of the paper will look like.

Keeping things Simple:

Lastly, I would advise that you should keep things simple and straightforward and don’t try to overdo things as it will only end up looking bad.


I have mentioned very briefly the eight crucial tips which you should follow if you want to write an effective and strong introduction for your thesis. All these tips have been personally tried and tested by many students with positive results and success.