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Dissertation Presentation Help: 4 Places You Should Visit

A presentation is a necessary attribute of the dissertation defense where you should give a clear and accurate overview of the work done. In the allotted time, you should give an informative talk and support it with an effective slide show. That’s quite a nerve-racking experience, but you can minimize the stress by being well prepared for the procedure. Fortunately, qualified help with dissertation can be found in a variety of places.

Where to Search for the Dissertation Presentation Help

  • Your university.
  • Undoubtedly, your advisor is the first person you should turn to when creating your slides and drafting your talk. You’ll be prompted on the main requirements to the appearance and content of slides and may be provided with good presentation samples by past PhD students. Your advisor will also give a cue on the standard questions asked by the committee members during the defense.

  • The university library.
  • Electronic versions of PhD papers by past students are commonly stored in the university library. Slide shows can be found there as well. Although you are deprived of the possibility to listen to real presentations, you can look through available slides to understand the requirements. Useful tutorials on how to make effective presentations can be accessed in the library as well.

  • The Internet.
  • Use your favorite search engine to find the slide shows of dissertation presentations online. You’ll come across lots of them by means of simple keyword search. You can also look for the necessary materials on any video sharing site. If you are interested in useful recommendations on how to be an effective public speaker, the Internet is the best source of information as well.

  • Other institutions.
  • If you want to make the best presentation possible, attend as many thesis defenses as you can. If there are no public defenses due soon in your university, check advertisements in other institutions. The presentation procedures tend to be similar in different schools, and you can learn a lot therefrom.

  • Additional Tips
  • The success of your presentation largely depends on whether you are a good public speaker or not. When you are nervous, mistakes are unavoidable, and even the best slide show can hardly save the situation. Therefore, don’t limit yourself to attending dissertation defense presentations, but listen to all possible public talks you can. Whether it’s a seminar, a journal club, or a conference talk, the experience of listening to any of them will come in handy. Bad speakers will show the mistakes you should avoid and good speakers will demonstrate successful tricks you can borrow.