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How To Come Up With A Cover Page For A Dissertation Prospectus?

The dissertation prospectus is a requirement for Graduate School students before they can begin writing their formal dissertation research. It is a school document, where, depending on the University’s Graduate School programs and policies, must and should be complied both in oral and written form. This is where the Review of Related Literature is evaluated based on content and validity and must pass the criteria of being evaluative and descriptive in nature.

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Here are the suggested steps to follow:

  • A Graduate School candidate must fill out a form in the Cover Page with his name, the title of his dissertation and other related information necessary to obtain the approval of an academic committee.
  • The student will attach the Cover Page to the Dissertation Prospectus’ original copy plus two additional copies to the Doctoral Program Chair and three copies of the Prospectus Reviews from each Reading Committee Member of the Supervisory Committee. Each member is required to complete the Prospectus Evaluation Form.
  • Prior to the approval of the Dissertation Prospectus, a candidate or a student must and should comply with the Qualifying Paper Submission Data based on every Ph.D. Program Manual. The following information is needed to comply with this form:
  1. The title of the paper
  2. The authorized person where the journal is submitted
  3. The date of submission
  4. The boxes to be ticked, whether or not the paper is accepted or under review
  5. The names and signatures of the Committee Chair and at least three of its members, including the General School Registrar. Adjacent to their names are the Departments where they belong
  6. The estimated completion date of the dissertation
  7. Signature over printed name of the Ph.D. student and the corresponding date
  8. Signature over printed name of the Chair of the Supervisory Committee and the corresponding date
  9. Approval of the Ph.D. Steering Committee Reviewer with the printed name and signature of the Reviewer and the Ph.D. Program Coordinator respectively
  10. The corresponding dates when the approval was made

It should be noted that a student or candidate is required to present his dissertation prospectus orally and should be able to defend his stand on the issues being presented in his proposal. He or she could be accompanied by his Dissertation Advisor and his statistician whenever it is deemed necessary.